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Nanoimprinting Lithography

Nanoimprinting Lithography is a next-generation lithography technology

that allows nano-sized patterns to be easily formed on various substrates without using a photolithography process.

HUNETPLUS has been developing nanoimprinting materials, processes and equipment that can be applied to various industries.

Also HUNETPLUS is leading the way in commercialization 

based on technology in the field of nanoimprinting lithography accumulated for many years.

ISS®(Imprinted Sapphire Substrate)

ISS® (Imprinted Sapphire Substrate) was developed to replace the patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) used as a substrate for LEDs.

ISS® (Imprinted Sapphire Substrate) is a direct patterning substrate based on nanoimprinting technology without etching the sapphire substrate. It is a breakthrough product that can manufacture LED devices with higher efficiency and low cost. 

NISS® (Nano-Imprinted Sapphire Substrate)TM

Micro LED display refers to a display using a micro LED that is 1/10 the size of a conventional LED.

Micro LED can achieve the same brightness with about half the energy of conventional OLEDs,

and it is a display suitable for ultra-high resolution displays because it can realize red, green, and blue pixels with LED chips.

Micro LED requires a nano-sized patterned substrate rather than a conventional micro-sized pattern.

NISS® (Nano-Imprinted Sapphire Substrate) is a next-generation LED substrate that can be applied to Nano LEDs as well as Micro LEDs.

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